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You’re a freelance expert in your field, with at least 5 years’ experience of delivering tangible change or technology outcomes for organisations. Let’s be honest, you probably have more work than you can handle. So why would you want to join acumendor.

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Our professional community

acumendor is a fast growing community of freelance professionals who have a proven track record in their field. It provides the Analysts and its clients with a quality digital supply chain of skills to deploy on assignments.

Being part of the community gives you

  • access to flexible, well-paid assignments
  • opportunities to collaborate with other experts on assignments
  • build your professional profile
  • access associate discounted services
  • maintain your skills through training and access associate only resources & content

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Our belief

We look for likeminded individuals and small firms who believe that

  • Data informed, proper analysis and a design thinking mindset delivers better outcomes
  • Success comes through collaboration
  • The way people buy/access the knowledge economy is changing
  • People want more flexibility and control over how they work and deliver to clients
  • A focus on people, integrity and the end customer is critical.
  • We are building our community of quality assured experts who can collaborate through our digital technology to provide dynamic access to the knowledge economy for organisations.

Knowledge sharing and support

Think of acumendor as a rich, expanding source of knowledge and guidance.

It gives you direct access to like-minded, highly experienced professionals, allowing you to collaborate and support each other as you set up, run and grow your business.

Share your know-how, publish content and learn from others who have been there, done it and got the whole drawerful of T-shirts.

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